Christina Hayes

Being a tattoo artist is a fulfilling career I both respect, and enjoy. All of your tattoos, small or large, deserve the same care and attention to detail I give every piece. I specialize in custom designs, often with an organic element such as flora or fauna. You are welcome to bring references for me to work with to explain the vision you have for your next tattoo, but often not necessary by the end of an in-person consult!

Working with people in this way as an artist, I have been given the unique opportunity to bridge the world of fine art and the desires of individual people outside of the field. It’s personally my favorite part being a tattoo artist- thrilling people with the tattoo designs they’ve been cooking up in their head by making them a reality!

You can trust I will listen to your ideas and ask the questions that will bring your vision to life. I work at an hourly rate of $120 p/h, and give quotes based on the amount of time I think it will take to complete your piece. I like to keep my clients informed though every phase of their tattoo experience. From the beginning design stages, through the application process, and will make sure you leave with all the information on how to care for your new tattoo. 

The easiest way to reach me for tattoo inquiries is by e-mail at: